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Rotala rotundifolia ‘Blood Red’: A Beacon of Red in Your Aquarium

The Rotala rotundifolia ‘Blood Red’ is a true showstopper in the aquatic plant world. This stunning variation boasts the most intense red coloration amongst its Rotala rotundifolia kin, transforming your aquarium into a vibrant underwater landscape.

Standing out against lighter green plants, the ‘Blood Red’ truly lives up to its name. Its fiery red foliage creates a captivating focal point, adding depth and dimension to your aquascape. But don’t be fooled by its dramatic appearance – this plant is surprisingly adaptable.

Despite its intense colour, the ‘Blood Red’ can thrive in a range of lighting conditions. It can even survive in relatively low light and nutrient settings. However, to unlock its full potential and achieve the deepest, most vibrant red hues, stronger lighting and the addition of CO2 are highly recommended. With increased light, the plant’s stems tend to grow more compactly, resulting in a bushier appearance.

The growth pattern of the ‘Blood Red’ is both elegant and practical. It grows in an erect to slightly arching manner, producing numerous branches along the way. This natural branching habit contributes to the plant’s bushy appearance and helps to fill in empty spaces in your aquascape.

However, to maintain its optimal form and vibrant colour, regular trimming is essential. Trimming not only encourages bushier growth but also ensures that lower leaves receive sufficient light penetration. Additionally, regular trimming promotes good water flow throughout the stems, preventing stagnation and the build up of detritus.

Propagating the ‘Blood Red’ is easy. Simply snip off healthy stem sections and replant them into the substrate. With its moderate to fast growth rate, you’ll soon have a thriving colony of fiery red adding a touch of drama to your underwater world.

Whether you’re a seasoned aquascaper or a beginner looking for a vibrant yet easy-to-care-for plant, the Rotala rotundifolia ‘Blood Red’ is an excellent choice. Its adaptability, stunning coloration, and manageable growth pattern make it a versatile addition to any freshwater aquarium. With a little TLC in the form of trimming and adjustments to lighting and CO2, you can cultivate a truly breathtaking underwater spectacle.

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