Seachem Equilibrium 300g

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Seachem Equilibrium: The Essential Mineral Boost for Thriving Planted Aquariums

Seachem Equilibrium is a specially formulated water conditioner designed to address a vital need in planted aquariums: maintaining a balanced mineral content and General Hardness (GH). This innovative product offers a unique and beneficial solution for hobbyists seeking to cultivate lush plant growth and promote optimal fish health.

Addressing Mineral Deficiencies for Vibrant Plant Life:

Plants, like all living organisms, require a specific set of minerals to thrive. These minerals are vital building blocks used to create the complex molecules essential for plant growth and survival. Unfortunately, poor plant growth can often be attributed to a deficiency in one or more of these crucial minerals. Seachem Equilibrium tackles this issue by replenishing essential minerals, allowing your aquarium plants to flourish.

The Equilibrium Advantage: A Sodium and Chloride-Free Formula:

Many competing water conditioners rely heavily on sodium chloride (salt) to raise GH. While this method is cheap, it has limitations. Sodium and chloride are not readily depleted in an aquarium environment, and in fact, excess chloride can be detrimental to plant health. Seachem Equilibrium takes a different approach. It completely excludes sodium chloride from its formula, focusing instead on a blend of highly beneficial minerals: calcium, magnesium, and potassium salts. These specific minerals play a vital role in fish metabolism while also promoting healthy plant growth.

Perfectly Suited for RO/DI Water and Beyond:

Seachem Equilibrium is particularly well-suited for aquariums utilizing Reverse Osmosis (RO) or Deionized (DI) water. These filtration methods remove virtually all dissolved minerals from the water, leaving it devoid of the essential elements plants require. Seachem Equilibrium effectively replenishes these vital minerals, creating a balanced and healthy environment for your aquarium inhabitants.

Optimizing Mineral Balance and Carbonate Hardness:

Seachem Equilibrium not only raises essential mineral content (GH) but also works in conjunction with carbonate hardness (KH) for optimal water stability. While Equilibrium addresses GH, Seachem recommends using Alkaline Buffer™ to maintain KH levels. Together, these products create the ideal mineral balance for a thriving planted aquarium.

Precise Dosing and Easy Application:

Seachem Equilibrium offers clear and convenient dosing instructions. To raise GH by 1 meq/L (3 dH), simply add 1 tablespoon (16g) for every 80 liters of water during setup or water changes (always add to new water). For optimal solubility, it’s recommended to mix Equilibrium with a liter of water beforehand. The resulting mixture may have a temporary cloudy appearance, but this clears within 15-30 minutes. Important Note: Avoid using Equilibrium for topping off evaporated water, and adjust the dosage based on your specific water parameters if not using RO/DI water. For the most precise dosing, consider using the Seachem Digital Spoon Scale.

In conclusion, Seachem Equilibrium is an exceptional choice for hobbyists seeking to cultivate a thriving planted aquarium. Its unique formula, free of sodium and chloride, replenishes essential minerals for vibrant plant growth while supporting fish health. Seachem Equilibrium is particularly valuable for RO/DI water systems and works in harmony with Alkaline Buffer™ to create a balanced and stable aquatic environment.


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