Wio Bamboo 38W wrgb led

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Inspired by nature.

Bamboo is a state-of-the-art LED lamp that create a sunbeam to light up nature indoors. 

BAMBOO is a directional light that create a more dramatic effect, compare to omnidirectional lights, with highlights, chiaroscuros and deeper shadows.

On water, BAMBOO create beautiful light ripples on the sand bottom due to surface water movements and reflections. 


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Enjoy the highest technology combining up to 5 LED types to create the ideal spectrum with the adequate light intensity for the correct growth of photosynthetic organisms. Available in 3 versions: WB-Marine, BP-Actinic Lighting and WRGB- Freshwater and Terrariums.

Bamboo allows complete automation control. You can adjust the colour and light output simply by tunning the potentiometers of each channel. In addition, the optional remote control, allows the recreation of light cycles and light scenes for animal welfare and public display purposes.

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