Wio Canyon Sand 2KG

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Wio Canyon Sand


This sand is composed of fine and small mixed grains, giving it an extremely natural aesthetic. It has a warm, soft tan and orange colouration when wet and can be used to great effect in biotope displays and aquascapes.

Available in 2kg & 5kg bags

* Natural sand

* Size mix from 0,1mm to 4mm

* Does not affect water hardness

Please, follow our recommendations to enjoy our sands: 

  • All our sands are pre-washed though we recommend rinsing sands with water before use to remove remaining dust and particles to avoid buoyancy of particles on the water fill up.

  • You can easily test if any sand is inert or if it will change slightly the pH and hardness. Simply place few drops of vinegar on the sand. If the vinegar (a base substance) fizzes or foams, it indicates that the sand contains some calcium.

  • Sands that contain calcium may alter the pH and kH. This can be especially pronounced if you have acidic water or CO2 addition. You can easily control it by regular water changes with osmotic or soft water. You can also use a water softener.

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