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Elder Root: The Epitome of Natural Beauty for Aquatic and Terrarium Settings

Embrace the natural wonder of Elder Roots, quintessential elements that effortlessly infuse realism and intricate details into your nature layout. Every root tells its own story, each uniquely shaped and textured, breathing life and authenticity into your underwater realm or terrarium.

These roots, celebrated for their versatility, come in a diverse array of shapes, curves, thicknesses, and lengths, enabling them to complement any nature-centric design. Not just an aesthetic marvel, Elder Roots are robust enough to anchor plants and moss, fostering a multi-dimensional and organic environment. Their rich, dark hue seamlessly merges with both aquatic and terrarium setups, emanating a profound sense of wabi-sabi.

Handpicked for their uniqueness, Elder Roots provide depth and dynamism to every layout. Their flexibility stands unmatched, facilitating innovative design customization, catering to both amateur and expert aquascapers and terrarium enthusiasts.

However, Elder Root are not merely about aesthetics. They serve a dual purpose. Enriched with natural tannins, these roots subtly lower pH levels, forging a conducive environment for aquatic life. The tannins recreate the amber-tinted waters characteristic of places like the Amazon, enhancing the authenticity of your setup.

Prior to introducing Elder Roots to your environment, it’s essential to rinse them to purge any lingering dust or debris. Crafted from real roots, these have been meticulously heat-treated and dehydrated, ensuring their durability. A brief 24-hour soak will restore their innate flexibility.

In summation, Elder Roots are not just decorative elements; they are the soul of an authentic nature layout. They epitomize versatility, durability, and a natural ethos, making them indispensable for those who aspire to craft a genuine and captivating natural habitat.

Quick Highlights:

  • Authenticity: Enhance your layout’s realism and detail.
  • Unique & Flexible: Each root offers a distinct touch.
  • Supportive: Strong enough for plants and moss.
  • Versatile Aesthetics: Diverse shapes, curves, and sizes for creative freedom.


  • Colour: Deep dark brown
  • Material: Genuine roots
  • Size: Range from 10-40cm; thin to very thin profiles.
  • Packaging: Available in 250 gr bags.

For an eco-conscious and immersive nature experience, Elder Roots are the perfect choice, reflecting the delicate balance of beauty and functionality.

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