Wio Nano Wood N9

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Wio Nano Wood – Discover this small and versatile aquascaping wood. The wood enhances both the look and feel of your aquascape. This small wood is a perfect aquascaping tool designed to bring life and harmony to your aquarium or terrarium. Wio Nano Wood is a natural and versatile wood that comes in different sizes and pairs perfectly with different aquatic plants. The wood has a beautiful display of yellow, brown and beige colours that brings a warm and welcoming ambiance to any aquatic display. Its small size also makes it an ideal fit for nano aquariums and planted tanks. Wio Wood is a fantastic and practical choice for any aquarium keeper that wants to create a beautiful aquascape with great detail. The wood doesn’t taint the water quality, making it safe for your fish and other aquatic creatures. Apart from being visually pleasing, detiling wood offers a natural habitat for your aquatic creatures; the wood initially releases tannins into the water, creating a slightly acidic environment that resembles their natural habitat. This creates a comfortable place for your fish to hide, promoting overall health and a likeness to their natural habitat. Using nano wood pieces in aquascaping offers great benefits for nano tanks and larger aquariums. This versatile wood offers a natural habitat to your fish while providing a natural and pleasing display that elevates your hardscape. If you’re looking to make your aquarium or terrarium more exciting and intricate, Wio Nano Wood is an excellent choice to consider.

  • Size 5 to 30 cms.
  • Each piece is unique and different in form and colour.
  • Piece pictured is piece you will receive.
  • We recommend all hardscape is rinsed before being added to the aquarium
  • All measurements are approximate
  • Wood may require soaking, weighing down or securing in place to prevent floating.

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