Wio Spider Twigs Mixed 200g

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Due to the great acceptance by the stores, we include these 2 new presentations, each bag comes in mixed sizes with delicate and thin pieces. Use rocks to create old roots to get a sculptural layout. It is the most popular material used by aquascapers around the world to make amazing complex layouts.

Available in Bags of Mix sizes 300g & 750g.


Please, follow our recommendations to enjoy your hardscape:

  • Please rinse roots with water before use.
  • Roots must be subjected in the initial setup to avoid buoyancy by using rocks, anchors, wood tight, moss cotton, glue, etc. until the wood waterlogged completely to sink.
  • Roots may release tanning’s during initial setup. Tannins brings a cognac look to the water like it happens in natural rivers like in amazon. You can control the amount of tannins in water by frequent water changes. Tannins are not harmful to aquarium living organism.
  • If you want to avoid tannins on the initial phase you can boil in water the roots for few hours to release as many tannins as possible. You can also submerge the roots one month before using them in the aquarium.
  • Saprolegnia may appear during the initial stage. It looks like a white fungus on top of the roots. If it occurs, scrap and suction it out with a small tube frequently. Normally it will disappear naturally one month after initial setup.

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