Wio Vistas P Aquarium – 36P

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The window with the best VISTAS of nature.

VISTAS, minimalism and purity in tanks, where the only protagonist is the content, the views of the scape recreated in the glass canvas.

VISTAS is the visual deconstruction of the glass tank to the minimum expression. Pure lines, minimal transparent silicone cord and exclusive use of high transparency glass thanks to its low iron content.

The result: minimalist tanks made of ultra-optical glass with the highest transparency.

VISTAS lines, tanks made exclusively with optical glass:

  • VISTAS NANO: Small format tanks with infinite possibilities.

  • VISTAS F SHALLOW: ultra-panoramic tanks.

  • VISTAS P CLASSIC: The classic and timeless format in tanks to obtain the best vistas of nature.


The classic and timeless format in tanks to obtain the best vistas of nature. Its proportions and performance are ideal for aquascape, landscape and competition tanks.

VISTAS 30P: 30x18x24 cms

VISTAS 36P: 36x22x26 cms

VISTAS 45P: 45x27x30 cms

VISTAS 60P: 60x30x36 cms

VISTAS 75P: 75x40x40 cms


  • Manufactured with high precision machinery and specialized personnel.

  • High quality ultra-optical glass with minimum iron content.

  • Transparent silicone seals.

  • Protective packaging with upper and lower cardboard covers.

  • All tanks have a mat for protection and seating at their base.

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