Anubias nana ‘Gold’ – Potted

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Anubias nana Gold, a stunning aquatic plant that originates from West Africa. Native to countries like Cameroon and Nigeria, this aquatic gem brings the allure of the African continent to your aquarium.

In the wild, Anubias nana thrives along the riverbanks and streams, where it finds shelter in the shaded areas provided by dense vegetation. This hardy plant is well-adapted to various water conditions, making it a survivor in its natural habitat.

The rare and unique colours of this plant were produced from a cultivar.

The standout feature of Anubias nana Gold is its striking golden-yellow coloration, a captivating contrast to the lush greenery in your aquarium. Its leaves are heart-shaped and relatively small, giving it a delicate and charming appearance.

Growing Anubias nana Gold in your aquarium is a straightforward and rewarding experience. You can attach it to wood or rock using aquascaping glue or thread, ensuring the rhizome is not buried. For a natural look, gently wedging it into crevices will also secure the plant in place as it naturally takes hold over time.

Caring for Anubias is easy, as it requires minimal maintenance and is highly adaptable to different lighting conditions. Both beginners and experienced aquarists will appreciate its ease of care and resilience.

Anubias nana Gold typically grows to a height of 5-10 cm (2-4 inches), making it a delightful addition to smaller aquariums or as an accent in larger setups. Its growth rate is slow, ensuring it maintains a manageable size in your aquascape.

Embrace the beauty and elegance of Anubias in your aquarium. Watch as its golden splendour captivates your senses and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your aquascape. Delight in the simplicity of caring for this charming plant and create an enchanting aquatic oasis with the unique beauty of Anubias nana Gold.

Placement: Front or midground
Place of origin: Africa (cultivar)

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